Pony Thought of the Day: Equestria Girls Trailer, Overreaction and Overanalysis

As promised, the trailer.

So, on the one hand, after initial reports that Equestria Girls was not going to be made by the regular pony team, it looks like we’ve got Meghan McCarthy writing, David Thiessen directing, and Daniel Ingram doing music. So that’s promising, as far as it goes.

But… first off, it’s set in high school. Part of the appeal of Friendship Is Magic for me is that it depicts its characters as people, doing people things like having jobs and making friends and so forth. Putting them in high school means the movie will probably be about high school things like cliques and endless social climbing and complicated, backstabby games that make Versailles look like a friendly game of checkers.

And Twilight has an apparent love interest. That’s dangerous. There’s a long tradition of female characters becoming defined entirely by their romantic relationships, and it exerts a powerful gravity that can be difficult to escape.

And then there’s the apparent plots: Twilight is a fish out of water who doesn’t understand how humans do things. Yay. That’s not a story I’ve seen ad nauseam. Oh, but we have another stunningly original plot: there’s a mean girl who is inexplicably the top of the social ladder despite everyone hating her because of how mean she is. Woo.

Oh, and I sincerely hope the song for the trailer wasn’t an example of the kind of music the actual movie will have, because it was kind of awful.

I mean, I get it. The implied viewer for this trailer is clearly not me, it’s the sort of five-year-old girl who sees a trailer for The Smurfs 2 and thinks, “That looks good! I want to see that!” It’s entirely possible there’s a lot of things in the movie to appeal to me, and they just didn’t put them in the trailer because the trailer’s not for me. And certainly the movie implied by this trailer is nowhere near as bad as the movie implied by the aforementioned little blue annoyances.

But so far, this isn’t particularly promising. Cautious pessimism continues.

Pony Thought of the Day: *sigh* Equestria Girls…

I guess at this point it’s no longer possible to pretend that Equestria Girls is a baseless fan rumor or something the Powers That Pony will change their minds about, seeing as it’s getting a limited theatrical release this summer. And it has Daniel Ingram doing songs, so at least that’ll be good…


A¬†absolute butchery of something I love that’s got good songs. This is Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame all over again…

Pony Thought of the Day: Why I’m Worried About Equestria Girls

So, if you haven’t seen the news, there’s mounting evidence that Hasbro is planning to launch an MLP spinoff called Equestria Girls. The evidence for the show is pretty solid, seeing as it’s announced in a trade magazine distributed at Toy Fair, which is a pretty big toy industry convention; less solid is this image going around:

Still, I think it’s pretty likely, and that worries me.

When I first heard the news about the show, I was neutral on it. It could be good, could be bad. The quality of MLP has nothing to do with the equine features of its cast; it’s the strength of characterization, sincerity, and cuteness, all of which could still be fully present in a show with a human cast. The image, however, worries me, because every single one of them appears to be wearing a skirt. Rainbow Dash at least looks like she’s wearing shorts under the skirt, so that’s good, and there’s nothing wrong with Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight, or Pinkie Pie wearing a skirt, though I should think they, especially the latter two, would wear pants at least sometimes.

But Applejack? Her outfit is completely out of character, and was clearly designed by someone who got told “country girl” and nothing else. Which means this isn’t a high school setting with the same characters, it’s a high school setting with characters who happen to share the same names–and the people making the show don’t know the difference.