Panel Video: Weaving a Story: Narrative Traps, Collapse, and Substitution in Anime at Anime Boston 2017

A panel I gave at Anime Boston 2017, talking about narrative structure in anime.
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Star Trek, 9/11, and the Age of Perpetual War

A panel I gave at Connecticon 2015, talking about differences between 90s Trek and modern versions, and how those reflect changes in American attitudes to war, terror, and security.
The panel ran out of time, so the last half hour has never been seen anywhere before!
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The Near-Apocalypse of '09: Heroic Trauma and the Protector Fantasy in the DCAU

Recording of a panel I gave at Connecticon 2015.
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ETA: If you’re having trouble understanding me because of the ridiculously loud panel in the next room, turn on closed captioning! It’s not YouTube’s shitty auto-captioning, I actually transcribed myself.